Burnished Architectural Masonry Units – are manufactured by grinding one or more surfaces of a concrete block to reveal the natural mix of aggregates within.  Burnished masonry is often compared to polished stone or granite, at a fraction of the cost.

4" Groundstone Block - Meade Concrete Products
6" Groundstone Block - Meade Concrete Block
8" Groundstone Block - Meade Concrete Products
10" Groundstone Block - Meade Concrete Blocks
12" Groundstone Block - Meade Concrete Products

Ground Stone masonry units are suitable for many load bearing or non-load bearing applications. Single Wythe cavity or composite style wall systems provide the flexibility of outer veneer face and/or a back-up wall inner face.

Design options are practically limitless. Select Ground Stone for use in full-finished walls, banding courses, or in combinations of these together or with other concrete products such as split face or smooth face units. Ground Stone may be used to blend or contrast with other building finishes.
Ground Stone Specifications and Installation Instructions

Ground Stone masonry units shall be installed by a qualified contractor/mason using good masonry practices. Always use the best care to handle units so as not to damage faces or chip corners and edges. It is important to clean excess setting mortar off joints and unit with a dry, colorless cloth using care not to smear. Cleaning should be done as the wall is being erected.

A detergent-type clear (Vanatrol by ProSoCo, Inc.) should be used equally on all units whether dirty or not. Presoak wall before cleaning and thoroughly rinse after cleaning with clear water as consistent with the best concrete masonry construction practices. Do not use acid or acid-based cleaners.

It is recommended that a finish sealer be applied to the Ground Stone units. Phylon 1422 by Chemprobe is the desired product to be used. Plylon 1422 is a non-yellowing oxidized acrylic sealer that provides an extremely durable, tough, wet-look finish for Ground Stone masonry units. Sealants shall be applied as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ground Stone masonry units, like regular block, have the capacity to store energy, hot or cold. For further protections, the units can be factory-insulated with expended polystyrene molded inserts.

Sound absorbing units are also available in Ground Stone masonry units.
Materials and Finishes: Ground Stone masonry units are available in natural, as well as a selection of standard colors. Custom colors and aggregates are also available upon request.

Ground Stone masonry units are manufactured from natural aggregates. Ground stone, like all naturally occurring materials, is subject to color and texture variations. These aggregates are carefully monitored during our manufacturing process, but some variation can be expected in color, surface texture and exposure of aggregate.

It is important to remember that color samples are used to show a range of color tones and textures. Allowance should be made for variations, as we cannot guarantee an exact color match to sample.

It is recommended that a 4’ by 4’ sample panel be erected for viewing before construction begins. Apply a finish coat of sealant to the panel for a truer representation of the finished installation.

No overall dimensions (length, width or height) shall differ by more than 1/8 inch from specified dimensions.

Packaging and Storage
Ground Stone units shall be delivered to the job site on wooden pallets, with a non-staining protective cushion between finished faces and covered with plastic. Store the filled pallets on level ground; avoid double stacking.